All Your Candidates, One Interface

Today’s cutthroat hiring environment requires you to use multiple job sites. Monster this, jobing.com that. It seems like every time you turn around, some other recruiting pirate has hijacked your candidate. That’s because using a bunch of different sites each day is time consuming. It’s like sailing the seven seas on a rowboat!

But what if you had a recruiting management tool that enabled you to see (and search) candidates across multiple job boards all from one interface? You’d be the pirate!

Well, that’s exactly what you get with TalentHarness—a pirate ship with a thousand sails and cannons to help you navigate the tricky waters of today’s job-seeker market.

No more wasted time visiting and searching countless job boards. And no more loosing good candidates to those other, pirate recruiters because you couldn’t get to a job board fast enough. By connecting TalentHarness with your existing job board accounts, you’ll be able to search through candidate listings, where ever they are, super fast.

And, on top of that, you can even save your searches and the candidates you look at!

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Multiple Search Sources

Search over all your resume and contact databases simultaneously. No more time wasted jumping from one to the other.

Simple or Advanced, Your Choice

Choose how you want to search with an easy to use quick search form or dive in and craft your search using all the search choices native to each resource. Never again settle for watered down search!

Advanced Options
Screenshot Screenshot

Beautiful, Easy to Navigate Search Results

Search results are collected and collated into your search results sceen where you can easily see when and where each one came from. Further drill down using quick filters. All records are tracked and archived so you know which ones you've already viewed.

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